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Australian Hemp Manufacturing Company is a 100% Australian company dedicated to researching and developing environmentally sound building and construction materials and methods to reduce the impact building has on the environment and to help to be a part of the climate change solution and increase carbon awareness in mainstream building. Part of what we do to achieve this is to provide the following services;



As well as being sustainable, Hempwall can be a fun, rewarding material to build with and, once a few important principles are understood, the technique of Hempwall mixing and casting should not be beyond the reach of any builder or competent DIYer.

However because the materials are by their very nature quite different from conventional building materials, there have been many instances where novice Hempwall builders, through lack of understanding, make simple mistakes (often with the detailing of the material, or the construction technique itself) which can cause unnecesary headaches on a build.

At the Australian Hemp Manufacturing Company we are keen for Hempwall to be used as much as possible, but it is important that builders develop the necessary skills and understanding to use it correctly. To help disseminate quality information about the use of Hempwall in construction, we have developed hands on training to suit a range of needs.

Cert Course Training course


The Australian Hemp Manufacturing Company can also design and build bespoke Hempwall and building features using industrial hemp.
Freestanding Wall Internal wall


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